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Monday July 17th


At Corrugated Iron Youth Arts, 18 Bauhinia St, Nightcliff. 

So, you're thinking about joining the Corrugated Iron Board?

Corrugated Iron is the Northern Territory’s flagship youth arts company delivering creative programs to young people in urban, regional and remote communities.


The Board oversees the strategic direction of the organisation, realised through the Strategic Plan 2020-2024, and ensures the viability of the organisation as well as compliance with the statutory obligations of an incorporated association.

The Board works with the executive team and the Corrugated Iron Champions, a group of young leaders who ensure young people influence and contribute to the development of the annual artistic program. 

The Board plays a crucial role in working toward the continued development of the organisation ensuring that it reaches its overall vision and potential the Board keeps its eye firmly focused on the big picture and the long term, whilst being able to participate in, and celebrate current achievements.

We are seeking passionate and knowledgeable Board Members who can strengthen our work in transformational opportunities for young people, as well as financial sustainability, fundraising, marketing and community engagement. 

Board members are expected to participate in the following:

  • Monthly meetings - 90 min 

  • Preparation and reading for each meeting 

  • Working groups or sub-committees – 2 hours per month

  • Vision Day – 6 hours

  • AGM and other meetings that occur from time to time

  • Professional Learning – each year we like to provide opportunities for the Board to develop Governance skills

  • Shows, events and activities – we love having board members attend events – 4 or 5 shows per year


All Board members must have a valid Ochre Card (Working With Children Clearance) as up to date vaccinations as it is a condition of working and volunteering with Corrugated Iron.

For more information about the organisation or board, please contact:


Zoe Scrogings

Executive Producer

8948 3200 

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