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Artforms: Aerial (experienced/explorers)

This class is for aerial improvers who already have foundation aerial skills. You are invited to specialise in one of three different options: Verticals (tissu/rope), Trapeze/Sling combo or, Lyra during the term. Combination options are designed that the students are able to experience the similarities and differences with aligned equipment and transfer skills between both. We aim to instil curiosity and exploration in their aerial journey. Classes include conditioning and strength developing your strength, flexibility and endurance in a fun and supportive environment.  

This class is a springboard for participants who are interested in joining Troupe/ Zero Gravity in the future.

Ages: 9 – 18 years 

Day: Tuesdays

Time: 5:15pm – 6:45pm 

Venue: Nightcliff Community Centre, Performance Space 

Fee: $295 / $270 

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