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IGNITING CREATIVITY  in partnership with children, young people, emerging and early career artists who will take their place as the ‘now’ generation of creative leaders, movers, makers, and shakers. We will provide a solid foundation for mentoring, training, and skills development alongside a platform for public performances and outcomes. 

CONNECTING COMMUNITIES through our Creative Schools & Communities program with regional, remote and very remote communities across the Northern Territory, we will ensure that our people and programs are reflective of the diverse communities in which we work and are designed based on consultation and social justice principles to ensure that barriers to participation are removed.  

CREATIVE FUTURES through local emerging artist residencies, emerging local company in residence, and professional pathways program we will empower emerging artists, providing a supportive environment to develop and thrive in the arts industry. In our 40th year we will pay homage to those who have forged a career in the arts or their chosen field sharing their stories to inspire us all to follow our dreams in good times and bad. It’s time to share our story and impact.  

EXPLORING NEW TERRITORY as we intrepidly focus on Artistic Partnerships, collaborations, and experimentation we will aim to build on not only the capacity of young people, emerging and early career artists but also the Northern Territory’s arts and cultural ecology. We will enjoy promoting both Corrugated Iron and the Northern Territory as an exciting place to learn, make new friends, and forge creative connections that stimulate new work.

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