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Corrugated Iron's program aims to cater to the diverse needs of young creatives across various settings in the Northern Territory, including urban, regional, and remote areas.


We provide opportunities for young people as creators, participants, and audience members, as well as pathways for shaping organisational development and sector leadership.

Our annual artistic program involves collaborations with children, young people, emerging and early career artists, who together, drive a variety of outcomes relevant to their specific context.


We ensure that there is a balance of self-produced outcomes and commissioned or contracted performance-making opportunities.


At Corrugated Iron, we believe that young creatives are making art now and are driving artistic innovation rather than just representing the future. We are focused on the present, creating opportunities for young people to shape their artistic futures, now.

We are driven by the voices of young people, who guide our heart and hand in the following program pillars:





Children, young people, emerging and early career artists take their place as the NOW generation of creative leaders, movers, makers, and shakers. Corrugated Iron provides a solid foundation for mentoring, training, and skills development alongside a platform for public performances and outcomes.


Our Creative Schools & Communities program with urban, regional, and remote communities across the Northern Territory ensures that our people and programs are reflective of the diverse communities in which we work and are designed based on consultation and the social justice principles of access, equity and participation. 


We strive to ensure that barriers to participation are removed for some of Australia's most disadvantaged and isolated communities to access performing arts and creative arts opportunities. 


As we intrepidly focus on artistic partnerships, collaborations, and experimentation we will build on not only the capacity of children, young people, emerging and early career artists but also the Northern Territory’s arts and cultural ecology.


We will enjoy promoting both Corrugated Iron and the Northern Territory as an exciting place to learn, make new friends, and forge creative connections that stimulate new works of significance. 

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