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Artist Call Out!​


Exciting opportunities are on their way in 2022… and Corrugated Iron wants you to jump on board! 

We are looking for fun, passionate and skilled teaching artists to help deliver our programs for young people across the Territory.

Corrugated Iron engages, trains, mentors and employs emerging artists and creative professionals who inspire children and young people to develop their skills and forge pathways in the arts. We inspire the next generation of creative leaders, movers and shakers to take the lead in shaping our artistic program to ensure that it is driven by the voices of our young people.

Our artistic program features workshops, specialist masterclasses, performances, special projects and a significant outreach program delivered in urban, regional and remote settings.

To apply, fill out the questionnaire and send your resume to

Professional learning for teaching artists

Even if you don't work directly with Corrugated Iron, you may interested in attending our professional development sessions.

Run quarterly [at least], they include warm up games, behaviour management strategies, how to engage, spotting, teaching strategies...

If you want to be on the mailing list for these sessions, please email