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Past Projects



By Gravity & Other Myths, Corrugated Iron, Jimblah & Ludmilla Primary School

Darwin Festival, Gravity & Other Myths, Corrugated Iron Youth Arts with Ludmilla Primary School and Jimblah join forces to animate Festival Park after dark.

Expect world class acrobatics and a living, breathing lighting design controlled by over 20 performers, moving and responding to the features of the park in perfect unity. Long-form, journey-like passages of powerful physicality are driven by an electronic score inspired by the sounds and stories of community and country.

Life/Time features seemingly impossible physical interactions, shifting between the intimate and the spectacular in a mobile display like no other. Light and sound come together with all-terrain physicality to create a (literal) moving spectacle that draws inspiration from the ancient ground beneath our feet and the fleeting, intergenerational connections we make above.

Thursday 10 August

Friday 11 August


Festival Park 


Corro Edit-17.jpg


By Company C & Alyson Evans 

Company C slayed the 2023 Darwin Fringe Festival when they devised the incredible new theatre piece 'New Territory'. 

“All of a sudden everyone looks at us. Not like the no-good teens they usually take us for, but as people who are the best options of saving our world. And, in that moment, we feel invincible. David Attenborough told us we were strong – there’s nothing we can’t do.” 

New Territory by Corrugated Iron asks the question, when Gen Z speaks, are we ready to listen? Growing up in a world of smartphones, social media, and the fight for social justice they’re forging forward with passion, conviction, and it’s a vibe. With their eyes fixed firmly on the future, Gen Z is determined to create a better world for themselves and future generations. David Attenborough inspired them to believe that they are strong enough to save the planet. Can Gen Z prove him right?


Wednesday 19th July 

Thursday 20th July

Brown's Mart Theatre  

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