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Discover Upcoming Performances with Corrugated Iron Youth Arts!

Curious about the latest shows and events from Corrugated Iron and our Company in Residence? Explore our current lineup below and stay updated on all the exciting performances we're involved in. Don't miss out on the creativity and talent showcased by our vibrant youth arts community!

Kids Club Spectacular.png

Kids Club Spectacular

OK kids – it’s showtime!

Join this colourful pack of funmakers for an awesome array of kids’ entertainment that celebrates everything we love about Darwin!

Hosted by Lisa Pellegrino, Kids Club Spectacular features diverse and spectacular music and performances – from Balinese dance to hip-hop, kids songs and more, all in one fun and inclusive show.

Artists include hip hop and K-pop dancers from M3 Dance Association, singer Natalie Pellegrino, Balinese dancer Putu Warti, performer Prawn Cracker Spice, yidaki player Trent Lee, circus artists from Corrugated Iron and more…

Dates: Friday 9 August

Venue: INPEX Sunset Stage, Festival Park

Big Dog Salad LIVE.png

Big Dog Salad LIVE

Do you have what it takes to be Big Dog Salad?

Many philosophers have pondered this question, but none have ever found an answer. Possibly because no one knows what Big Dog Salad actually means? Not even those that founded it. Or do we? We’ll never tell. Why?

*AHEM* One thing is for sure, Big Dog Salad are coming to Darwin Festival for the first time and you don’t want to miss out! Since 2021, they have returned to stages across the country time and time again to bombard audiences with pizza, pirates and puns!

Dates: Thursday 15 August - Friday 16 August

Venue: Brown's Mart Studio

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