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Parents and Participants

"Every time I walk into the training space I come alive. Corrugated Iron has an energy of its own, and it’s great to be a part of that supportive energy."


Circus and Drama Student


"Corrugated Iron was instrumental to my development, not only as an artist but as a person.

It gave me the foundation for a professional career in the arts, as well as being a place where I felt welcome and valued at a crucial stage in my life. It was also great fun!"

Daniel Cunningham

Performer, Producer, Director, Party Passport

Impact & Evidence


"It's like exercise for your soul": how participation in youth arts activities contributes to young people's wellbeing.     

Gretchen Marie Ennis & Jane Tonkin

A retrospective narrative study that sought to understand not only what wellbeing benefits participants attributed to youth arts activity, but more specifically, how these outcomes occurred. The concept of liminality, within a spaces of wellbeing approach, is used as a framework to explore and understand participants' stories of their time at Corrugated Iron.

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