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Every student at Ludmilla Primary School learns circus skills

Circus is embedded in the Curriculum

Circus has been integrated into the school song

In 2023, Corrugated Iron and Ludmilla Primary School will celebrate 6 years of partnering to deliver the Circus Curriculum in Physical Education, resulting in positive benefits for students, families, and the community.


Ludmilla Primary School, located in Darwin, serves a diverse student body with 50% identifying as Aboriginal and 62% speaking English as a second language. Many students come from the Bagot and Minmarama Community and surrounding neighborhoods. With 150 students, the school supports some of Darwin's most disadvantaged families.

Ludmilla Primary School aims to enhance learning through the arts, particularly for their Indigenous students. For the last 5 years, the school has partnered with Corrugated Iron to deliver a circus curriculum, building on our successful arts program in the Bagot Community. Many of the school's students learn best through the arts, and the program is designed to be culturally responsive to their needs.

After five years of partnership, the circus curriculum at Ludmilla Primary School now spans from foundation to year 6. It is widely recognised by students, families and community as an integral part of education, fostering aspirations in the performing arts.


The circus program has received high praise from the community, with 93% of surveyed parents considering it important or very important. Additionally, a school review highlighted the partnership with Corrugated Iron as one of the most beneficial and productive partnerships in the school.

Corrugated Iron has a strong commitment to education and sees the partnership with Ludmilla Primary School as a way to make a positive impact in the community. We have worked closely with the teachers at Ludmilla to develop and implement an annual circus skills program. They have collaborated to create a scope and sequence for the program, ensuring that the students are receiving a well-rounded and comprehensive education.

Not only that, the Corrugated Iron staff have also assisted teachers at Ludmilla Primary School in developing their own circus skills, allowing them to become co-deliverers of the program. This not only enhances the program, but also empowers the teachers to take ownership of the curriculum and provide even more opportunities for their students to learn and grow.

This partnership allows the students at Ludmilla Primary School to receive an education that is both comprehensive and unique, and the collaboration between Corrugated Iron and the school is a shining example of how partnerships can lead to positive outcomes for all involved.

Corrugated Iron partners with Ludmilla Primary School because we believe in the power of education and circus to change lives. We see the potential in the students at Ludmilla and are committed to providing them with opportunities to learn and grow beyond what is offered in the traditional classroom.


By partnering with the school, Corrugated Iron is able to provide hands-on learning experiences that allow students to explore their interests and passions in a meaningful way. Through years of experience and exceptional Teaching Artists we understand the importance of providing students with a well-rounded education that includes both academic and physical development and well-being opportunities, and we see the partnership with Ludmilla as a way to help make that happen.

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