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Kieran Mitchell

Board Member

I'm an IT leader who's shaking up the status quo (trying to, at least!). As a non-binary and neuro-divergent individual, I bring a fresh perspective to the table and challenge traditional ideas to make room for inclusivity and diversity. My passion is passionate people, and I'm a firm believer in putting people first, whether it's my team members, colleagues, or clients. I strive to create a supportive work environment that champions work-life balance, where everyone can feel comfortable being themselves and reaching their full potential. I'm also passionate about using new technology (as befits my role, yay!) to reduce non-value tasks, streamline processes, and enable my team to work smarter, not harder. By embracing innovative solutions, I ensure that we stay ahead of the curve and maintain our competitive edge. I'm committed to being a positive role model for young people who are entering the technology workforce. I believe that by leading with empathy, authenticity, and integrity, we can create a more inclusive and accepting industry that benefits everyone. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to connect with me to chat more about IT, diversity and inclusion, or just life in general.

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