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An old story from Yirrkala performed by young people.

An old story from Yirrkala performed by young people.


Corrugated Iron acknowledges the owners and holders of this story; the Gälpu clan and the Djapu Yothu-Yindi clans of the Yolŋu people of North-East Arnhem Land.

This bilingual show starring the students of Yirrkala School was the first ever theatre style production to be performed at the Roy Marika Stage in Yirrkala in April 2018.

The performance of the traditional Yolŋu creation story of Yawulŋura was held on the evening of Thursday 12th April and incorporated theatre, dance and a mix of contemporary and traditional music. Entry was free and open to all members of the public.

The performance was part of the Yirrkala Dhäwu project, a two-year collaboration between the Yirrkala School, Corrugated Iron Youth Arts, Buku-Larrŋgay Mulka Yirrkala Arts Centre and Co-directors Sarah Hope and Banbapuy Ganambarr. Many local artists, visiting artists and cultural advisors were part of the project, and at the centre was a very excited ensemble cast of 55 young people ranging in age from babies to Year 12 senior students.


“The young people involved are enthusiastic about working with community Elders to create this extraordinary inter-generational project.” - Director, Sarah Hope

"This project is for students to put their own ideas into and gives them a chance to use their skills and show their talent. Some students' well-being has already progressed because of different kinds of creative projects". - Director Banbapuy Ganambarr


Whilst the performance was community-driven, the presentation adopted professional theatre techniques to bring this beautiful story to life on stage - with and for the community.

An animated e-book of the Yawulŋura story has also been developed. Both the book and the theatre performance have been delivered in Dhuwaya Yolŋu matha and English.

Corrugated Iron Youth Arts has a long connection with the Yirrkala Community through multiple projects and was thrilled to see the Yawulŋura story brought to the stage. Corrugated Iron acknowledges the crucial partnerships with Buku-Larrŋgay Mulka Yirrkala Arts Centre and Yirrkala School and the vital support of the Australian Government’s Indigenous Language and Arts Program in realising this project.

Corrugated Iron acknowledges the key partners and funding agencies who have brought this project to life:

Australian Government | Indigenous Languages and Arts, Buku-Larrngay Mulka Yirrakala NT,  Yirrkala School, Salt Story Studio

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An introduction to Yirrkala Dhäwu - Documentary

Yawulŋura' Performance 12 April 2018, Yirrkala

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