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Storytelling plays a huge part in building character in a young person from an early age. Stories create magic and a sense of wonder while also teaching us about life, about ourselves and about others.

Storytelling can be imaginative, historical, cultural, and informative; the story can be told through mediums of film & video, written and oral styles, music and poetry.


At Corrugated Iron, we create tailor-made ways to tell stories through art. Storytelling allows students to develop an understanding, respect and appreciation for their culture while also allowing each student to take their own connotation from the art form. 

Art Stories: Postcards

Parap Primary School [2013] and Wagaman Primary School [2015].


Northern Territory artists provided copies of their work. The young crew then selected pieces and created a short story or prose inspired by the artwork. Corrugated Iron loved working on this project which celebrates the work of visual artists and encourages young people to think about how to see art and what it can provoke in the viewer.  Art Stories supports young people writing creatively and links to literacy outcomes. The resulting postcards had the artwork on the front and the story on back.

Collaborators: Sarah Hope, Ciella Williams, NT Writers' Centre, Darwin Visual Arts Association 

Outcomes: 2016 Darwin Fringe Exhibition, postcards provided to students, class groups and school library for use. 

Curriculum links: Literacy 

Video: How to Juggle Guide

Gapuwiyak School [2011]

Students from Gapuwiyak School worked with artist Robbie Hoad to develop juggling skills and then produce their own how-to guide video for others to watch and learn from. Lovely project that supported the development of juggling skills in the first instance and then storyboarding, filming, performing for camera to create a lasting and useful guide.

Collaborators: Robbie Hoad

Outcomes: Book and video instructions created

Curriculum links: Literacy, numeracy, P.E 

12 Days of Christmas

Woolaning School [2015] 

Students of Wollaning School created their version of the 12 Days of Christmas. The end result was a brilliant collaboration between students that they were excited to share with their families. This was a fabulous end of year project where students immersed themselves in a week long arts program that drew in literacy and numeracy to complement an exploration of local animals resulting in an artistic collaboration. 

Collaborators: Gorgie Keys, Jess Ribero

Outcome: A published book students took home to their families for Christmas 

Curriculum links: Literacy, visual arts, numeracy 

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We love projects that have a lasting legacy: that will remain as fixtures in a community and that they are informed by elders and artists, family members and young people.