Thurs 16 July, 2022

Nightcliff Community Centre

Tickets are a gold coin donation at the door.


In 2022, our theme is Galvanise and it's taking hold artistically at Corrugated Iron, as well as in our social and political lives. Do we need to shock ‘The System’ to stimulate action that drives lasting change? This double bill, reimagining two classic tales, will explore this universal theme. 

7.30PM    The Curse Of Macbeth by Kristen Doherty

Presented by the Drama Ensemble

The Drama Club has assembled, but Mrs Mac is absent. "The Beck", loathed PE teacher, has stepped in. The group not only struggle with him, but Shakespeare, young love, and the Curse Of Macbeth. 


8.30PM  Lit By Fire by Rob Reid 
Presented by the Theatre Ensemble

In an unknown time, a group of actors gather to present the cautionary tale of the Pied Piper. Looking at the past to unlock the future, these actors are presenting an allegory for all generations. 

The Curse of Macbeth


Lilla Murray-Govan

Ruby Joswig

Jarrah Steinberg

London Stephenson

Harper Smith

Ivy Joyce

Adelaide Fryar

Frankie Firinu

Caylus HItzke

James McGrath

Blake Wootton

Jia Furstner

Jude Bird

Caitlin Buffon

Anais Henry-Martin

Mary Armstrong

Tyson Robinson


Jacqueline Somogyi

Jack Livesley

Dani Heilbronn

Sam Jones-Gallagher

Tom Wehrmann

Eloy Mason

​​Nicholas Gregory

Directed by Scott Gooding

Stage Manager: Lily Whittaker


Lit by Fire