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Corrugated Iron has taught me not only drama and performance skills, but also a plethora of other important life skills in communication, organisation and passion. In a world filled with ambivalent art projects, Corrugated Iron has shown me how to see my creative passions through to fruition. It’s an experience that provides a creative and positive outlook on life, and a confidence to actively engage in community activities. At Corrugated Iron I am both an artist and a teaching artist, allowing me to share my creative education with others even as it develops.

Thomas, theatre-maker, film-maker

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I love Corrugated Iron because I get to learn cool tricks. Working with the tutors is great because they really help me when I want to learn new tricks. My favourite part is being the flyer!


“start to see yourself differently and your place in the world differently ... in theatre you get out of your skin, you get of your shell, and in that process you become more confident.”

Every time I walk into the training space I come alive. The room has an energy of its own, the whole of Corrugated Iron does, and it’s great to be a part of that supportive energy.

Ginger, Drama & Circus Student


Performing with Corrugated Iron has helped me reach out of my comfort zone and discover skills that I didnt even know I had. I always look forward to each and every class.

Electra, Drama Student


Wow. What a show! At times a little complex, but great use of all the different performance arts. Lovely to see our young talent on stage, and what a flood of emotions. Congratulations on a top notch performance and production; I will be recommending everyone sees it! 

Audience Member Feedback 

Opening Night, Mr Takahashi, 2017

At Corrugated Iron I believe I can achieve anything I put my mind to! I’ve made lots of strong relationships, with staff and fellow classmates.       Sammy, Circus Student

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Feedback from parents of workshop participants, Longitudinal Study, 2018

My lovely anxious girl found bravery through your workshops.

The wonderfully supportive environment. Great teachers and activities that are unique.

My daughter is autistic. Corro is welcoming and inclusive. This workshop is one place she feels accepted and has the confidence to try new things.


Parent performances have been transformational. She was fearless.

Tutors create a positive, can do atmosphere and great re-enforcement for participants. Tutors are very skilled in a range of areas. I think the merging of drama and circus in performances, enhances the over all performance and provide great new skills for participants. Many opportunities for public performances throughout the year. Great venue and equipment. Inclusive atmosphere for parents.



"Corrugated Iron was instrumental to my development, not only as an artist but as a person. It gave me the foundation for professionalism that set me up for a career in the arts and entertainment industry and gave me a place where I felt welcome and valued in a crucial developmental stage in my life. It was also great fun!"

Daniel Cunningham

Performer, Producer, Director, Party Passport