Preparing for Corrugated Iron workshops (yay!)

If you haven't attended a Corrugated Iron workshop before, you may be nervous. It will be a new and unfamiliar space, there will be new people and you may not be sure what to expect. Here are some tips to help you feel welcome.

For your first class...

Arrive a little early.

Then you can meet us and see where your workshop will happen.


Wear comfortable clothes.

Some people come straight from school and will be in their school uniform. This is fine.

Wear clothes you can roll around the floor in and hang upside down in if you are doing an aerial class. Shorts and leggings are ideal; tshirts or singlets are good. Mostly people will take their shoes and socks off.

Have a healthy snack.

It is hard to concentrate if you are hungry. Have a healthy snack before you come to class. We can tell who has a sugar hit before class - it affects behaviour and focus.

We have a water bubbler here but you can bring a water bottle too.



  • Arrive on time

  • Have a healthy snack before you arrive

  • Be an active participant who listens

  • Bring your script, equipment, costume or anything else required



  • Support your child to arrive on time

  • Check that your child has a healthy snack and any requirements for class

  • Be interested in what they do in class even if you don't totally get it

  • Encourage practising lines or juggling

  • Encourage your child's participation in performances and talk to us about backstage involvement for you or your child


  • A safe, welcoming space to explore the arts

  • Experienced creative professionals commits to teaching your child

  • An environment that builds creative thinking and skills

  • Performance opportunities

  • Backstage experiences for people not so interested in performing and for those who want to do both

Code of Conduct

This was created by Workshop Participants. Classes will check in with this in the first class.



When someone is instructing, performing or sharing ideas it is important to pay attention and be open minded.


If we only ever do easy things, we will never learn!


Make sure everyone is part of the action.


The teaching artists are there to help you and others learn safely!

Some background on our classes...

Games based learning

Sometimes participants will say they just play games in workshops. Many classes use a lot of games which build team work and collaborative learning, as well as improvisation techniques or how to think on your feet. Games include name games so we get to know each other, warm up games so our muscles are ready for action, and games to increase energy or settle a class. The games disguise significant learning and confidence building in a group setting.


Performances and backstage experiences

We have a number of opportunities for participants to perform. These may be in-class performances where families and other classes are invited in or showcases of a number of performances in a larger setting. Sometimes the workshops band together for a big community performance such as the Variety Show in June 2019. We hold auditions for some productions.

We know not everyone wants to perform. We are keen to support participation in classes - this is important. The experience that comes from creating a performance is valuable. We work with young people to ensure they still have a great workshop time and there are ways to work backstage that suits some people. Please talk to us.