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Impact & Evidence

Our alumni and colleagues understand, first hand, the value of participating in Corrugated Iron projects and training.

"Corrugated Iron was instrumental to my development, not only as an artist but as a person. It gave me the foundation for professionalism that set me up for a career in the arts and entertainment industry and gave me a place where I felt welcome and valued in a crucial developmental stage in my life. It was also great fun!"

Daniel Cunningham

Performer, Producer, Director, Party Passport

Further Reading


"It's like exercise for your soul": how participation in youth arts activities contributes to young people's well being.     

Gretchen Marie Ennis & Jane Tonkin

A retrospective narrative study that sought to understand not only what wellbeing benefits participants attributed to youth arts activity, but more specifically, how these outcomes occurred. The concept of liminality, within a spaces of wellbeing approach, is used as a framework to explore and understand participants' stories of their time at Corrugated Iron Youth Arts.