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I've Been Meaning To Ask You

Why do you have to go to work? How come adults drink to have fun? Is 50 too old to learn to surf? What was life like before the Internet?

Step inside a theatre-turned-playground-turned-battleground transformed by Generation Up Next for a riotous theatrical experience full of questions asked by young people, and answered by adults. Watch as age collides with experience in a joyous and revealing one-hour tell-all, where adults take a backseat as a powerful group of 9 to 13-year-olds from your town drop some truths… and the mic.

Combining anonymous submissions with high-impact video design, I’ve Been Meaning to Ask You pits Age against Experience in a conversation built around three key starting points: what you’ve been told, what you know to be true, and what you want to believe.


Built in collaboration with and performed by local young people, audiences both young and old will come together to tackle the big (and little) questions that life throws at us.

Studio Theatre, Darwin Entertainment Centre

Fri 6 August, 7pm

Sat 7 August, 2pm & 7pm

Sun 8 August, 7pm

Duration: 1 hour

Suitable for ages 9+. Contains smoke and haze effects and strobe lighting.

Originally commissioned by Brisbane Festival and produced in association with QUT Creative Industries at La Boite Theatre in 2018. I’ve Been Meaning to Ask You is supported by Arts Queensland, Russell Mills Foundation, the Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund – an Australian Government initiative, and the Australia Council for the Arts, the arts funding and advisory body of the Australian Government.

Meet the Cast

This exciting new show is ensemble driven with many of our Corrugated Iron participants involved!

Alice Cotter.JPG

Alice Cotter

Alize Scrogings.JPG

Alize Scrogings

Amity Rose Irving.JPG

Amity Rose Irving

Anais Henry Martin.JPG

Anais Henry-Martin

Billy Dunning.JPG

Billy Dunning

Clementine Heaslip .JPG

Clementine Heaslip

Elaina Tilmouth.JPG

Elaina Tilmouth

Mandalay Stitfold_edited.jpg

Mandalay Stitfold

Eve Akiko Collins.JPG

Eve Akiko Collins

Matilda Uden.JPG

Matilda Uden

Isabella Horwood.JPG

Isabella Horwood

Leo Sinclair.JPG

Leo Sinclair

Lucy Tinapple.JPG

Lucy Tinapple

Malia Lawson-Moore.JPG

Malia Lawson-Moore

Matisse Read.JPG

Matisse Read

Pippa Elliott.JPG

Pippa Elliott

Raphael Hartney.JPG

Raphael Hartney

Thomas McCarthy.JPG

Thomas McCarthy

About The Good Room


The Good Room is a Queensland-based performance collective who use the anonymous experiences of ordinary people to create extraordinary theatre works.


They ask you – and people just like you – to anonymously share with them fragments and memories, confessions and admissions from your lives, as part of a process that blurs the line between ‘audience’ and ‘maker’ to play with the idea of theatrical collective authorship.


Theirs is an investigation of empathy, connectedness, stakes and sacrifice. This expresses itself in an aesthetic world that is both dark and light matter; a dichotomy of spectacle and depth. Mirrorballs, rose petals, confetti and party dresses stud their theatrical universe but totems of party, play and celebration are often subverted; this is richly affirmative, highly contemporary, and widely accessible theatre – underpinned by rigour, ethics, and deep consideration.


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