Film Workshops

Corrugated Iron in Partnership with the Darwin International Film Festival

Discounts apply if you attend more than one workshop.

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Saturday 14 Sep - Acting for the camera 
(3-5:30pm, Ages 10-30)  

Hone your acting skills for the screen. A practical, active session with camera and director.

Sunday 15 Sep - Green screen and compositing
(3-5:30pm, Ages 15-30) 

A fun exploratory session. Learn a range of techniques and how they apply to the visualisation of a story or concept.

Saturday 21 Sep - Screenwriting 
(3-5:30pm, Ages 15-30)

Have an idea for a script you want to bring to life?
This workshop explores themes, characterisation and what makes a good plot.

Sunday 22 Sep - Storyboarding 
(3-5:30pm, Ages 15-30)  
An introduction to the basic skills needed to visualise your written script shot-by-shot for the screen.

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