Will participating children be used in any marketing material for the show?

Yes. Primarily, we will be using an existing suite of images from previous performances. However, as part of the marketing plan for the event, the final cast will be profiled online. At the commencement of the casting workshops, you will be required to sign an image release form.


My Young Person has a lot of after school commitments, do you require them to attend 100% of the rehearsals scheduled?

Yes. This project is ensemble driven which means that all Young People involved will be used at all times throughout the show. We also have a lot to get through in the given rehearsal time. If any rehearsal is missed this creates a lot of extra work for everyone and will place your Young Person at a disadvantage in the process.

Do I need to provide a costume for my young person?

Yes. During the rehearsals there will be a designated day that we will ask your Young Person to bring in costume option selected from their normal wardrobe. Once the costume is decided upon we will ask that the costume stay at rehearsals / the theatre and will be worn for rehearsals when needed. Our stage management team will arrange for the costume to be laundered. You will also be given a costume guide to help you decide on what options to bring in. We do not require you to buy anything new unless you and your young person want to.

I’m worried about the potential adult content in the show. Will this be censored /monitored throughout the process?

There are adult themes touched upon in the work as we are dealing with questions directly from the participating Young People. In the past, some of those questions have been around subjects like death, depression, gender, sexuality, the environment, lying, and all the grey areas in between. Those questions are then put to the public to answer anonymously and your young person will have the opportunity to read these responses. Rest-assured however, all responses are read by The Good Room’s highly trained facilitator’s and anything inappropriate is removed before the Young People get access. We also encourage a safe environment where these topics can be unpacked and further questions asked to make sure the young people are supported and heard with any questions or concerns they have.

My Young Person’s younger siblings want to see the performance. What is the age recommendation?

Our age recommendation is for anyone aged 9 and up, however in the past many younger siblings have attended and have had a very positive experience. As we mentioned there are some adult themes in the performance, so it is really at the parent/guardians’ discretion.

Will I get a chance to meet the team working with my Young Person?

Yes. We will arrange a get together so you can meet the team involved with putting on the performance!

Do all the people involved have appropriate working with Young People checks?

Yes. Our facilitators have gone through appropriate working with children checks required by the specific state we are working in.

Can I watch the rehearsals?

No. We ask that you do not come into rehearsals. Our Young People from a strong ensemble where they eventually take full ownership of the show away from us adults. We find that having parents in the room make our young people self-conscious and unable to enter the process fully. You will get to see all of their hard work when the performance is up and running.

Will my Young Person be allowed to leave rehearsals to go and buy food?

No. We ask that your Young Person arrives at rehearsals with all food and drink required for the day ahead as there will be no one available to supervise off site visits to get food. This also cuts out too much time from their breaks so we have made a blanket rule against this.


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