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How we collaborate with you

Corrugated Iron creates bespoke projects and programs in collaboration with communities schools and partners.


Learning Outcomes in Schools

Benefits of Creativity

  • Increased focus and positive learning behaviours

  • Improved motivation and engagement

  • Critical thinking and problem solving

  • Collaborative approach to learning

  • Sense of accomplishment and self achievement

  • Stronger social connections

  • Young people are encouraged to express their voice and have fun!

  • ​A multi-disciplinary way of teaching the curriculum 

  • Strengthening of student-teacher relationships

  • A new toolkit of teaching strategies for teachers

  • Academic achievements across all learning areas including literacy and numeracy 

  • Increased capacity for risk taking through safe learning environments

Examples of focused projects Corrugated Iron have delivered:

Physical intensives with disengaged learners and at-risk students

  • Disengaged students attend Corrugated Iron for highly energetic mini-tramp workout and challenging aerial trapeze sessions.

  • Schools identify a cohort who benefit from a different approach and we work with them to design a project that requires collaboration and team approach.

  • A long-term school residency working with identified cohort saw them develop circus skills that led to hosting assemblies and running lunchtime circus workshops.


Middle school programs building healthy relationships

  • Music video project with year seven girls finding transition to middle school challenging. They wrote, recorded and made a video clip of a song about finding their identify. Changed self-esteem and confidence.

  • Forum theatre project with year nine students is focused on healthy relationships - identifying the qualities and examining scenarios and strategies for ensuring they adopt good practices in relationship building with peers and others. Was created in direct response to a cohort with challenging relationships.

Corrugated Iron works with the curriculum

  • Circus Curriculum development - Corrugated Iron has been delivering a circus program at Ludmilla Primary for four years. We work with all students building circus skills and performance capacity one day each week. Our partnership is now focussed on developing a circus curriculum linked to Health and PE curriculum.

  • Creative Teaching Approach – see outline

  • Art Stories - artists work with students on narrative writing exercise using visual artworks as inspiration – see postcards


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