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The W.O.L.F. - Worlds of Lost and Founds

An immersive storytelling adventure, featuring puppetry, projections, performance and more!


Join clown and physical theatre specialist, Anna Thomson, and immersive theatre maker, Alyson Evans, in this exciting performance-based program that will take audiences to a new world! 

Shadow play, projection, puppetry, narration, props and costumes are all ways in which participants will transform the Corrugated Iron performance space into a whole new world, filled with characters and stories. Family and friends are invited to enter this newly devised world on the final day. Who knows what the WOLF will uncover! 

Ages 8-11


Mon 16th – Thu 19th January (4 days)

10am – 3pm

Nightcliff Community Centre



Jump into Circus

Come and try balancing, juggling and acrobatics!


This action packed workshop offers participants a chance to learn a wide variety of circus skills and focus on their favourite ones. The areas of circus we will work on are balancing, juggling and acrobatics.


Ever wanted to test drive a circus workshop at Corrugated Iron? Then this is your chance. Jump on it, our circus workshops fill up fast!

Please bring your water bottle!

Ages 7-12


Monday January 23rd

10am – 12pm

Nightcliff Community Centre



Flip the Script

A writing and performance workshop that gets your stories down on paper and performed to a live audience – all in one day! 


This two-part combo workshop begins by developing your skills as a playwright. Experienced theatre maker Alyson Evans will guide you through a series of explorative writing exercises to create short scripts and monologues. Haven’t written a script before? No problem! The workshop will give you all the tools you need! 

In the afternoon we’ll transition on to performance skills, using the newly crafted scripts. Following a short rehearsal process, family and friends are invited to watch as we bring the scripts to life.  

Ages 13-18


Tuesday January 24th

9:30am – 4:30pm (including 4pm showing)

Nightcliff Community Centre



Jump in the Air

The perfect place to try out aerial arts!


This fun and exhilarating workshop offers participants the chance to fly into the aerial arts in a safe and supportive environment.


We will be swinging into action on trapeze and silks in this introduction class. Come and hang out with us!

And please bring your water bottle!

Ages 9-16


Monday January 23rd

1 - 3pm

Nightcliff Community Centre



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