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Creative Schools & Communities

An arts education helps build academic skills and increase academic performance, while also providing alternate opportunities to reward the skills of children who learn differently'

                                     Gavin Newson, Governor of California

Through the Creative Schools & Communities program, Corrugated Iron Youth Arts works in partnership with schools and communities across the Top End, creating custom-built education projects in remote, regional and urban settings. 

Each project is tailor-made and results in both short term projects and long term residencies. We create a safe environment of inclusivity that supports educators, families and youth services by responding to the diverse needs and energy of young people. 

How it happens

Incorporating the curriculum within art forms and collaborating with community artists and youth workers gives us endless and varied creative ideas to work with.

Benefits of Creativity

  • Increased focus and positive learning behaviours

  • Improved motivation and engagement

  • Critical thinking and problem solving

  • Collaborative approach to learning

  • Sense of accomplishment and self achievement

  • Students are encouraged to express their voice and have fun!

Learning Outcomes

  • ​A multi-disciplinary way of teaching the curriculum 

  • Strengthening of student-teacher relationships

  • A new toolkit of teaching strategies for teachers

  • Academic achievements across all learning areas including literacy and numeracy 

  • Increased capacity for risk taking through safe learning environments

To find out more about how we can work with you and your school or class, please contact us on (08) 8948 3200 or email

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