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Two seasons:

12th - 13th July 2018

Corrugated Iron Performance Space

bookings at Fringe Festival Darwin 

October 2018

Circus Monoxide's Space, Wollongong

Dare to join us on Platform 4!


Corrosion explores what happens when strangers are forced together as both groups circle each other and wait for the train to nowhere.

Strangers forced into the same space leads to individuals weaving around one another, connections being made, and fragmenting occurring.

A visually captivating show performed by young artists. Using outstanding circus skills to tell this dystopian tale, the young artists have created a work that considers how we treat strangers, and how we forge connections through shared experience. Can we create a shared will to survive and to cooperate with one another? The show will be using visiting young artists who have been part of this seasons work.

These groups of young artists include members of Corrugated Iron’s Ensembles; Cyclone Circus and Flying Gypsies. As well as Circus Monoxide from Wollongong NSW, will be joining us for some of the shows. 


Wollongong Show

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