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Developing young creatives in the Top End since 1984.  

Corrugated Iron has gathered some of Australia’s leading theatre makers, directors, circus artists, playwrights and film makers to deliver a workshop program that will ignite creativity in young people and spark the imagination of all.


Whether it be a first introduction to theatre for a 3-year-old or the training of a highly skilled aerial artist at 18, the workshop program is designed to meet the broad needs of young and emerging artists at any skill level or experience.


Participants will DISCOVER the worlds of theatre and circus for the first time, choose to work solely on their skills and DEVELOP their artistry, or work towards an outcome to PRESENT to an audience. Check out these workshop streams to help you in choosing your classes. We cater for all elements of production too, with specialist classes that will put participants behind a tech desk or a camera.


Just click on the icons below to explore the timetable. We can’t wait to see what your imagination can bring!