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At Corrugated Iron, we’re always seeking ways we can support the NT’s early career and emerging artists. We know that having a physical space to dream, play and experiment is an integral part of creating, so we’re swinging our doors open to welcome a group or collective of artists aged 18 – 30 to be our Company in Residence.  


The 2023 residency will take place between May and November. 


The  6-month opportunity will provide:  

Access of up to 10 hours per week in Corrugated Iron’s performance space and workshop room. These hours will be negotiated at the commencement of the residency, and include a mix of weekdays, evenings and weekends.

A hot desk with computer, internet and access to basic printing within the Corrugated Iron office. 

Upon successful application, the company will work with Corrugated Iron’s Creative Producer (Programs) to devise an in-residence program and schedule. 

This opportunity is for a company or collective of 2 or more artists under 30 who work together creatively.  

Examples include: 

  • a ready formed group of actors and/or circus performers who work together to put on shows 

  • a collective of film makers who are working together/want to work together on a shared project 

  • a group of creatives with varying artistic practices work who are interested in collaborating  

Closing date: 12th April 2023

For further information, or to discuss your application, we strongly recommend contacting Alyson Evans on 08 8948 3200 or 

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